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About Kromax

Endever is Kromax Group’s trade name for a popular line of household appliances. These products have already gained broad publicity in the Russian market and continue successful market development.


Being in touch with the latest technology innovation we focus on creation of modern product which can easily be available to all categories of consumers; and we offer first-rate quality for a reasonable price.


At Kromax, we strive to create a comfortable house with high quality modern domestic appliances.


Our advantages are: high quality products being in line with the international and Russian standards; reasonable prices for a wide range of customers; unchallenged versatility and stylish design; variety of products meeting demands and requirements of the smarter consumers.


Solid team of highly-skilled professionals (managers, marketing experts, engineers, and designers) creates and implements a modern and commercially viable product.
Junctions of experience, energy, and professionalism, ability to focus on results are the driving force behind our successful work.